Bank Holiday Shopping – Getting A Better Deal

Well we are approaching the end of the month and as many in the UK will know, that means that we are about to land on a bank holiday weekend, meaning that we don’t have to head into work on Monday and somewhat more importantly anyone who is anyone will be heading out on Sunday night.

There is no exception for me, we are planning to head out and see what all of the buzz is about in Manchester this coming weekend, resulting in the fact that now I simply have to find a new outfit to wear as there is no way that I am being seen out in something that I have worn before, I’d die!

So I have been looking about for potential new purchases that I am going to be making and thought that I would share some of the things that I have been looking at, less for getting second opinions and more to keep you guys up to date with my latest style switch.

Now although I have been paid today, I can’t really be spending the whole of this months wage on clothes, as much as I would love to, as we have Ibiza coming up soon and everyone knows that you pay a premium for heading to the clubbing Mecca of the world, so its time to shop savvy if I can.

Because of that I will be taking a look at ASOS in the most part as I know a site that seems to always have ASOS voucher codes that can save me about 20% on my order, which if I look at it outside of the fact that I still only have two more paydays until we head to Spain, makes it completely okay to get a new outfit for the weekend right? 😉

Anyway, here are a few of the things that I am thinking about buying later today…

I’m really feeling the love for the floating lines of the dress and naturally when you buy any new dress you have to stick some new heels in there too!

I’m in too minds about the bag to be honest as I have a similar one that I could use and with this one priced at £35, I could save on that which makes the purchase of the shoes and the dress okay doesn’t it?

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