Convict Turned Model Walks The Walk At Milan Fashion Week

While many will not see this as being relevant, I’m so pleased that the fashion world has been able to give one man the chance to be able to turn his life around as he took to the runway at Milan Fashion Week last week.

Jeremy Meeks stepped into the spotlight for all of the right reasons as he helped to model Phillip Plein showcase his Spring 2018 Sport Collection, making this his third appearance on the catwalk as Meeks, labelled as the ‘hot felon’, again impressed with is stunning looks.

meeks sport collection milan fashion week

Earlier Plein revealed a collection that had clearly been inspired by the 50’s era, with models sporting looks that could easily be compared to those that were seen in popular film title ‘Grease’, specifically the T-Birds crew style.

meeks at milan fashion week

I for one am glad that Meeks was given his chance to once again show off his shirtless torso, giving all fashion loving women a chance to be able to combine their passion for fashion with their love of ‘bad boys’ with a little bit of rough.

Images courtesy of FootwearNews

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