Country Life

Three traditional British brands are in the midst of a style resurrection:


Barbour is synonymous with country pursuits like shooting and hunting, but they have now found a new market with trendy festival goers. The wax jackets are waterproof and perfect for protecting and dressing down your glam Glasto outfit; well, you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard do you? Barbour, which was a menswear brand until 2003, have been concentrating on reducing the weight of their jackets and defining the jacket’s silhouettes, but it seems that their most popular jacket is their traditional heavy, sludgy green coloured jacket.

The worn look is key in this country chic trend, and many are taking to making their jackets look more rugged with a penknife; be careful though if you’re doing that, safety first kids. Celebs caught wearing Barbour jackets include Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and the cool Geldof, Peaches.

Harris Tweed

Tweed is all over the catwalks this year, in shows from Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfield and Christian Lacroix. It’s had an urban update as it’s all about salt and pepper shades worn as mini-skirts or oversized boyfriend jackets. In 2004 Nike joined up with Harris Tweed to create a limited edition line of trainers.

They were so successful that other designers and manufacturers took note, and now Harris are the only name you need to know in tweed; I bet you never thought you’d need to know a name in tweed.


Try and think of a Wellington boot maker that isn’t Hunter…. yeah, I didn’t think you could. The staple boot for country folk has had an injection of style from none other than the iconic shoe brand Jimmy Choo. Now as shoe makers go, you probably couldn’t get more worlds apart than Hunter and Jimmy Choo, however, their website describes the style partnership as the ‘ultimate fusion of fashion and function.’

The Jimmy Choo wellies are designed with their signature crocodile print and lined with leopard print. Tamara Mellon said that the boots were inspired by the girls she’d seen at festivals, but they are the nicest wellington boots that you will probably ever see, so you probably wouldn’t want to get mud on them.

So you don’t need to go hunting, shooting or get muddy to embrace your inner country girl; just take advantage of the new rural trend, even if you live slap bang in the middle of the city.

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