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Lindsay Lohan Ungaro Collection

God bless Lindsay Lohan, nothing seems to be going right for that girl. I wrote a while back about celebrity models, and Lindsay was one of the stars that had dipped her toe in the fashion pond; now it seems that she has dunked her whole foot in.

The design house Emanuel Ungaro has hired Lohan to work as their Creative Director in a multiyear, multimillion pound deal, in a bid to inject some youth and energy into their line (and get some attention, if some critics are to be believed). Her debut collection was shown in Paris a couple of weeks ago, and goodness, has she had an absolute panning and a half for it. It has only been over the past few days that Lohan has defended herself and the collection, saying that she still has a lot to learn.

Lindsay has been working with the company’s chief designer Estrella Archs, who admitted that the collection was very rushed, in fact they only had three weeks to create it. I don’t even think that Coco Chanel herself could have created a good collection in three weeks. Lohan and Arch’s bow at the end of the show was described as not ‘radiating chemistry’. I personally think that if looks could kill, from the one on Estrella Arch’s face (above), there could have been a front row fashion show massacre.

The most common word that the critics have been using to describe Lohan’s efforts is ‘disastrous’. The main colours throughout the show were hot pink and orange, and there was an unusual amount of heart shaped nipple stickers going on. Some models were even given larger heart shaped stickers to wear on their foreheads. Hmmmm.

The chilly press response has been likened to the kind of behavior expected from the characters of Lohan’s most famous film, Mean Girls. Moreover, it seems that some of the fashion industry feel offended by Lohan’s collection, with one critic writing, ‘No one ever said that fashion was brain surgery. It’s a different discipline altogether. But it is indeed a discipline and a commercial art, a fact variously muted and underscored by the celebrity infiltration of the last decade.’ Oh dear.

So the fashion world didn’t like it, but Ungaro are still planning to keep Lohan on, and she has another collection due in January. When asked about this collection, Lohan replied that she thought it was in March. Erm, good luck Lindsay!

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