Louboutin Barbie

Louboutin Barbie

It is a sad day in the world when people give a doll body image issues. Christian Louboutin, who has launched a range of Barbies, has been criticizing the 50 year old toy’s legs.

To celebrate her birthday, the dolls have been launched in special collector’s editions which include four Barbie sized pairs of Louboutin’s iconic red soled shoes. Unfortunately, the shoe designer was not pleased with the size of Barbie’s ankles, and he asked for them to be redesigned, ‘Barbie’s foot has always been shaped as less ‘curvy’ than the rest of her perfect body,’ he said. ‘But fat ankles she didn’t have, she just could have thinner ankles, that’s all.’ So the people at Mattel have given her a makeover from the ankles down; her foot is now more curved and her ankle is thinner.

Louboutin’s official title to Barbie is her yearlong godfather, and after the offense he caused through his criticism of Barbie’s plastic feet, he said, ‘I apologize to my goddaughter. There has been a bit of confusion there, but it’s just the proof that Barbie has real serious fans.’

There will be three Louboutin Barbies in all; a safari themed Barbie, a Barbie who goes to the Cannes Film Festival and a jewel thief Barbie. He has also created a pair of shoes for us real people, in Barbie’s trademark colour, Pantone 219 Pink. All of the dolls will be released over the next year and they are exclusively available through the Barbie Collections website.

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