Narrow Calf Boots – 5 Tips for Finding The Perfect Pair

Ladies, many of you will have felt the envy that those of us with larger than we would like calves have for our friends that have skinny, more refined legs, however it seems that after speaking with a couple of the ‘lucky ladies’, they face a battle that we will never have the issue of facing… Baggy or loose fitting boots.

While saying to them how luck they were, it seems that they had a code of practice to follow when looking to buy boots that fit, so being the sort of blogger I am, naturally I asked for tips that they could give to women that also have the same issue and here is a list of their top 5.

Top 5 Tips for Buying Skinny Calf Boots

If you want boots that offer a close or snug look, you need to be thinking about trying to buy boots that are adjustable, so spend time looking at boots with laces or other types of fasteners.

Buy boots made from stretch materials because as they are designed to naturally fit to the shape of your legs, they will learn to sit closer to your calf shape the more that you wear them without the need to adjust them yourself.

Don’t get stuck having to buy skinny fit boots as you do have options for those that have a wider calf gap than you would like, pairing boots like these with leg warmers, boot socks or thigh-high socks worn with a scrunched effect.

Don’t go too high, doing so means that the boots will always have to cover the finer aspects of your legs and towards the top is where your skinnier legs will begin to show larger gaps within the fit of your new boots.

Know where to look because it is not very often that the high street retailers carry a large range of choice, meaning that although not ideal the majority of the latest styles are offered online in the most part, so spend a little time trying to establish some of the best brands or even a boot blog created specifically for women with thinner legs and keep them bookmarked.

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