Wear Summer Clothes into Fall

So I’ve noticed a lot of the recent posts featuring in this blog have been “new season this, new season that” very fall-centric. But I personally haven’t invested in a lot of new pieces for the autumn season and instead I’ve been clinging onto my summer tops, dresses and shoes for as long as humanly possible, as well as raking in the last of the in hopes they’ll still be in style next year.

The temperature’s dropped but I seem to be handling it ok. Here are some quick tips I’ve been using and hope you’ll draw inspiration from on how you can wear your summer pieces while making a statement for the rest of the year:

Open toed shoes

Definitely keep the shoes alive throughout fall. With coloured tights, printed tights, stirrup leggings, regular leggings and of course the all important leg warmers, there’s still hope for sporting the peep-toe and hosiery style until it gets too icy to wear them. If peep toe boots are the new style, why can’t we pull this off for a few months longer?

Summer dresses

If you have a lot of thin material summer dresses, this one is a lot of fun in the experimentation stage: Pick ones of different lengths, putting on the longest first and the shortest last. The layered effect looks great on the bottom (especially when there’s a big mix of patterns for a nice boho-chic look). Top it off with a chunky cardigan and a waist belt for shape.

Invest in a long sleeve tee

I bought myself some basic long sleeved tops and they are proving to be the most practical buy I have made. They look great under cardigans, but they can also be paired with summer tanks, t-shirts and dresses. Plus it feels like wearing a completely new outfit when all you’ve done is added an extra layer – love it!

Everything – 3-quarter length leggings with tights, shorts with leggings, short sleeved blouses with chunky cardigans. Layers make for a unique and personal style statement so experiment as much as possible – you’ll be surprised how many outfits you can create from a few summer pieces.

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